Modern Disguise

drawing 71297

On entering the Dome,

vibrating an octave higher
in the presence of true art
feeling small and humble,
lying down on the marble
looking up at the window,
spiralling out of proportions
in a maze of emotions.

Spiralling out wishing to learn …

Entering an art gallery
looking at modern art,
feeling big and knowing
talking words out of proportions,
seeing and touching thinking of knowing
drinking and celebrating,
modern art
heading to the large market

Displaying thinking of knowing …

Showing and promoting
looking fabulous in their colourful splendour,
disguising the fools in the blender
toasting and dancing
dressing in brilliance;
are you looking for something?
identifying images … unravelling the plan
of a modern disguise…a modern disguise

Wishing to see expanding the mind …


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