The Junction


The steps were garnished with beautiful flowers and
plants, wading in the flowers in the afternoon light there
were only a few hours left before darkness set in… but
there was something strange …

Something didn’t feel right, that’s when Luna realized
she was going into a village where she had been earlier
and knew the way, she got all excited because she
thought she found a secret passage-way.

When she saw the mountains like in Dolomia a shiver
went through her, she realized that was a reconstruction.
She had to tell Ivan, she knew she had very little time,
but remembered how they walked to the bus stop last time.

She walked fast reaching the stop as darkness set in;
she asked a few people who confirmed the bus would
come along there; she didn’t have to wait too long,
when one came along … it stopped and Luna got on.

The driver was a woman, feeling safe she considered
going all the way home, but when asked where…Luna
replied: Clapham Junction and went inside and sat down.
There she saw some crazy bikers following the bus.

The bus didn’t stop, Luna was relieved because the bikers
squeezed their faces on the window where she sat
making all sort of ugly gestures. Luna tried to ignore them
but they were so persistent, even following the bus….!

That was when she realized she was the only one on the bus,
and the driver was not stopping anywhere,
she was being taken somewhere.
Luna told the driver she was going to get off at the next stop.

And the she-driver replied: ‘No, you need the junction!’
Seeing some commotion on the sidewalk she thought the
driver would have to stop there, but no, skidding the bus
along the pavement the driver continued like a mad woman.

Luna realized the bikers had tried to warn her; she was not
scared, but she had a situation now, trying her best to be
comfortable; the driver took her to the junction, there she
saw if she moved slightly wrong she would easily fall down.

Jumping from the ‘mad’ bus a thought came to mind:
she would not live her life in a reconstructed story line…
she would fight, she would search, she would try.
She may win or lose but she would stay open to clues.



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