Passing by

drawing 71297

Passing by a museum she saw a leaflet: Bach in concert: entrance £10. She only had a few coins, her friend did not offer to pay, but in all fairness, she was quite boring.

Seeing a mirror opposite the museum reflecting a cubic figure with a spiral stair, Luna went up and down and in circles searching for a way out, entering a door stepping up a floor and another and all the way up to the 7th floor … definitely she was too high, it could not be leading to a road outside.

Going all the way back down, looking for a way out, hearing a voice from the inner concert: ‘In your dreams remember to stay low, are you looking for the ‘bear’ Luna?’ ‘Yes’ she replied absently. ‘Over there…’ pointing west…

Now on the threshold of her ego, coming in from the other side: ‘Do you know something? You have never, ever understood anything about me…!’

Being chased now by a local guard, hearing his superior on his radio saying: ‘You can get her… as long as she doesn’t enter the room of the samurai.’ The room of the samurai… The room of the samurai…

Riding her bicycle so fast down the road looking for the room of the samurai, recognizing the house with the white walls, entering the right door, inside she knew she would be safe… but whoever was chasing her was getting very, very close…

Luna was doubting she was ever going to make it…  running fast … stopping her thoughts right there… and opening the door without fear.

The chief flight attendant tall and busy dressed in full swing with a tight top and tight shorts over a pair of broken jeans.  He had been called on duty at the last minute; inside the plane all was dark, it didn’t matter how he was dressed after all.

Feeling nervous… when the plane got airborne, they were still scattered inside, no one had the seat belt fastened up.

That was totally illogical and it felt so cold and dark, Luna opened her mind wondering where in her head, in which part of her brain would she have stored the lost memory…

That’s when the mirror reappeared reflecting a cubic figure with a spiral stair, Luna went thru searching for her way out.


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