The Centaur


‘Energy can never disappear’ he told her, looking at her
knowingly; raising his eyebrows he took black paint, a roll
of silver and a large brush. The glass was already shaped.

Looking like an oversize dish facing the sky, inviting her
to gaze inside, not showing her shaped face, taking her
within the mirror and into space…

Being drawn into the mirror into a new world, not an expected
shape but one ‘light years’ apart; he was looking at her smiling
as she was beginning to see… the optical illusion:

Through the mirror it was time to go… she walked up the
external stairs and from there Luna saw a beautiful deer,
but the deer simply passed … nearby… yet…

Turning she acknowledged him in the distance, he was staring
at her, as if cautiously checking if it was her, then he charged
on four legs and went near; Luna was happy and curious.

He told her that his position as animal right now was very
difficult, the flies were driving him crazy and other things too
Luna smiled and thought she recognized him too…

Looking at her he said shortly after he had to go … and on
reflection he was speaking words to her, but which reflection
was it… his or hers… or something else?


The open, wild and endless ocean was inviting her in.
Neptune was leading the way, carefully on a small piece
of wood Luna lay down, switching on her favourite song….

She was now in the deep sea… and soon got scared, losing
her sense of direction… she couldn’t breathe properly and
she leaned backwards as she used to all these years ago…

He was watching her, reassuring her… but she was scared
and felt fragile … she looked back at where the shore was,
reassured she was going in the right direction.

Out of the ocean on the shore, she saw the young woman,
and told her: ‘I am back, I’m not really crazy like you…’
The woman checked Luna’s forehead; it felt hot…

They sat together on the ocean shore, exchanging words
and life’s experiences, feeling reassured Luna fell into a
deep sleep, in her dream she awoke in a strange place:

there was empty space all around, she was sitting in
meditation in the most extraordinary of places: behind her
there were mountains, the sky was cloudy and very alive,

in front of her there was a river flowing; its colour was green,
it was Raphael’s green, an entertainment for the eyes, an
opening on past adventures, touching her soul, approaching
past lands, there she was, sitting on the green jungle…

looking like a painting and she was inside… a place of power
with the winds so alive, meditating on a strange hill of power
aware she was dreaming enjoying the view…

Trying to speak, but loads of stuff was stuck in her throat,
trying hard to clear it up, feeling lost and alone. The ride
was lonely, still waiting to wake up… that life was not real.

‘You need to be ready to open that door.’

She was still there in that place near the sea… but it looked
frozen! Slowly walking on it… aware that the ice might
break, but looking up she saw the most amazing thing:

the sky and the sea were one and the same, the ice was
everywhere…. but not solid ice and checking better it was
not even ice, it was silver… oh yes… now she knew…

It was the silver at the back of the giant mirror, Luna felt
very vulnerable, what if the mirror shattered?

Looking around she saw her image calling her… and a
bird in a beautiful shade of blue exchanged places with her…

Passing along the giant mirror shifting from right to left…
She went to see Elvyn but he wasn’t there…
it would have been nice to meet half way…
She was an artist at heart in the mirror she made …



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