The Renaissance Painting


In a high rise building Luna and a man had to get out,
they started descending the stairs …down, down… and
down… when she noticed a sort of ladder attached…
People were supposed to go down that way.

The man with her descended very securely, reaching the
ground confidently and in no time. Now it was her turn,
slowly one step at a time; he shouted: ‘Quick!…it’s easy…’
but she did it her way, she didn’t want to slip …

Oh  … boy… was she high … up there on the ladder
straight, narrow,  and long… instead of turning her body
to descend from the back, she descended up front.
She reached the ground with a jump, which hurt her a little…

But there she was, safe… Outside the building she looked
up… there she saw a beautiful woman; beautiful like a
model in a renaissance painting:


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