Understanding Your Dreams -1-

Latest Blue1
The day was sunny, fresh, and beautiful; Luna walked along a trail and crossed a beautiful bridge leading to an intricate set of streets; there she saw a massive man, maybe a bit damaged; he seemed to have an immense force;

He took 2 iron gates and broke them; she saw that he saw her, maybe he would go after her … He did! But she was faster and ran away, going down, down a spiral street surrounded by high vegetation, the man went down too;

She noticed him right next to her when they reached the bottom, fearing he would hurt her as she couldn’t possibly trust him, because he seemed so unpleasant, she ran away. There were other people, but why he was after her, why her…? and she ran and ran…

‘In the dream I realized it was a dream and I jumped over the fence, isn’t that great…?’
‘When you realized it was a dream, did you face the man?’
‘No, I didn’t even think of that!’
‘Why am I having such negative dreams?’
‘Next time stop and ask him who he is!’


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