The Equation


She was just about to go back to the Linn of Dee, where
she went last summer with friends, but she was on her
own now and it was winter.

She didn’t feel like going all the way there and back and
there again; the purpose of that eluded her. Perhaps it had
to do with Jo… who called earlier.

However Luna missed her call, that part of her who liked
to play ping-pong was now learning a new form of tai chi;
when she left, outside the dojo, she saw a beautiful child.

He was blonde with dark eyes: ‘Do you speak Italian?’
‘Yes’ he replied a bit shy and proud all the same. He looked
like the son of an emigrant… her inner child!

‘You are so beautiful’ she said stretching out her arms, he
went towards her curious and smiling; she hugged him tight,
thinking of what she and Elvyn achieved earlier that evening!

The cube, the glass, the vessel inside her… Sitting in a
corner at some point she saw a strong, arch, wooden door
installed at her place, or had it always been there?

Smiling she thought that could be the door for the cube…
to access the vessel and the equation from Elvyn was:
‘Why was it necessary to put that cube around the vessel?’

She was pondering on this while walking along the river,
where she saw the little girl playing on the grass…Luna…
and there it dawned on her: of course the vessel.

It’s the 4th dimension…! Where V = 2π2 R3 …
smiling she called Jo to help her open the door, but Jo
wasn’t in and then Luna saw it was so easy to open…

When she entered she was certain she saw herself in her old
bedroom looking for Jack, who was in a corner behind the
wardrobe looking out of the window.

That’s where she used to go when she was young and wise;
now she understood what happened on that August night
with something special in the air…

Someone came inside her house and stole her diamond!
Luna left and closed the door as Jack wanted to be alone;
but … on reflection that didn’t make any sense…

Luna went back inside the room: ‘How are you, Jack?’
‘Fine’, he said while smoking a cigarette, looking outside
‘Tell me,’ she said firmly, ‘You can tell me…’

Facing him real close, she hugged him and he said to her:
‘Last night I felt all these sparkles … it’s too soon…’
Luna didn’t remember seeing him the night before…

However she kept asking questions to him feeling him
slowly opening towards her, opening up… Now they were
very close looking deeply into each other eyes.

And there Jack kissed her sweetly; it was then that he said:
‘Money, you said: buy me! Luna, do you remember…?
‘When… did I say that when? When we were together…?’

What was happening to her? Oh … no… was he tricking her?
Vaguely remembering something … something…
Parsifal…you sucker, why didn’t you ask the right question?

He was fading away… and the room too…
all was fading again…
She was so shaken, she woke herself up.

Now she knew why she had to go back to the river Dee.
She ran to catch the train… on arrival at her destination she
met a group of people …of all kind… ready to be trained.

Looking around the familiar ground, she knew some of the
people and many were new to her,
smiling to herself she felt her training had taken a turn.

Through the burning fire she saw herself with Aural on a
plateau touching the ground… looking around at the trees
everywhere, it was morning now and they had to go down.

Checking the path on the north side it seemed impossible,
the south side was just as bad; the west side looked iced
and steep and along the coast…maybe a possibility there…

They were so high…when an old local woman arrived,
who told her she had to go down east/south side…
Luna considered: ‘If she was able, we should be as well.’

The sun was already too high and it may soon be dark:
at that point Luna cried: ‘Hey, I am scared…
I feel so…scared and small, I feel so small sxyzz!’

A memory: ‘In our dreams people are mirrors
of parts in ourselves, they are really our inner reality!’
and she thought of Elvyn: ‘You taught me much…!’

Picking herself up somehow Luna had to decide what to do
to reach her goal, she was alone as Aural and her friend had
gone somewhere else along their way.

Following the local advise she went down the east/south side,
the woodlands were new to her, but the trail was on-going;
she knew the way as long as her critical mind didn’t interfere.

Going …running… along the forest … in the wilderness…
she concentrated and saw 3 nasty figures…she asked who
they were and they went as quickly as they appeared.

‘You showed me another way.
There are so many ways; yours was arduous
and treacherous and you shared it with me.’

See Pt 2 :


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