The Predator


There was an amazing blue cone shaped container and
inside there was a long, big, brownish snake; powerful
like a boa; a person touched it, but Luna didn’t know
what to do.

She felt his power, he came out of the blue cone onto
her forcing her into a corner; his head near her stomach,
she touched him… he looked at her, there was
intelligence in his eyes.

She was looking at the blue cone shaped container…
feeling its velvety touch, but when she gazed inside
there was only dust inside, only dust… inside….

Undecided if to continue with the training, Luna was
now questioning her own integrity; the ideas seemed nice,
the salesman handsome, but Luna couldn’t avoid checking
behind the scene;

When she moved the curtain she got embedded in a
spider web… like vertical strings of it, some quite thick,
some less so, but all colourless like the fog … she decided
to free herself from it…


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