The Gypsies

On a jeep they arrived in the country, the driver went straight
into a swamp, they got out, Luna with mud up to her navel.

She was with people with whom she felt vulnerable… as she
tended to be when feeling weak.

A young Gypsy man and an older kind and understanding
woman were taking her into a tent;

The young man began to talk to her: ‘… back in 1992…’
Luna was not ready and started to panic.

She knew she was going to hear the truth and got so scared,
fear took over, like a beast inside her.

She got out of the tent, the young Gypsy, however, was
there to help and convinced her quickly to get back inside.

She did, but with pen and paper this time; nervously she
found her pad was all written on, the man began to speak.

She wanted to write down what he was saying, but couldn’t
find a blank space and when she did, the man began to sing.

He was also talking incoherently… Luna looked at him, he
smiled and she understood there was no need to write…

She had to listen with her heart, open up and let herself go
receptive… and Luna had seriously difficulty breathing…

They laid her on a bed, he lay beside her, the woman on the
other side; his hand was on her lungs transferring energy…

She was in great pain, remembering this had happened before,
but she had no one to help her, she was young then…

Luna started to talk; the pain was almost unbearable, but
gradually the pain became more bearable.

He never took his hand away. Luna felt protected by both
of them… She was telling them her story…

The young Gypsy man left the room first, then the woman
had to go… explaining they would be back one day.

Luna got up…it was time to go, everyone else could stay;
but Luna wanted to be with the Gypsies …again.


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