The Performer


An acrobat was performing in a room, a choreographer was
with her. Luna was watching, sitting in the first seat in the
first row. The acrobat came towards Luna including her in
the ‘opera’ embracing her in a waltz posture with her arms
outstretched calling her: ‘prince’.

Luna pretended to enjoy it, but she didn’t and found the act
exhausting; then the acrobat outstretched her on a bed and
her face came very close to Luna, telling her ‘something’…
the choreographer put his face also next to her, Luna asked:
‘What about the ‘prince’ you mentioned earlier?’

He backed up, while she acrobatically pirouetted away;
‘Are you Chinese?’ Luna asked…  seeing her face so clearly
now, changing from young to old and vice versa…
‘Do you think I am Chinese?’ She said changing again…
‘Well, your movements are, the way you dance!’

Skilfully the acrobat placed a lamp on her back pirouetting
into a corner, quickly positioning the light on the floor,
opening a canvas on the wall: seeing herself back at college
at a seminar: Astrology; the speaker asked:
‘Who is Scorpio here?’

Luna put her hand up thinking of adding up a number to her
birth date, one never knew with those astrologers… and soon
realized she was the only one.
‘Sun Scorpio?’ The voice asked…
‘Yes,’ she said.

The speaker began telling her things pertaining to the sign
going deeper and deeper… Luna thought: ‘nowhere near…’
but she could see on the canvas the speaker showing how
she needed to dig by putting her hands in the earth and
pick up some dark, black and wet soil:
‘The earth is a big place… you see … and dig in like so!’


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