Giambattista Tiepolo Cacciatore a cavallo

How to trust you again?

Last night you were so crude to me
I knew I had to confront you …
one day maybe…

There was something powerful going on
it was energy and I fell deep into it,
it became synergy
– mine and yours…

It was sudden and intense;
energies like those are quite rare
for me lately…
it was our battle after all.

You set up the ground for me
to react and take you to that
point of admission, asking me
to follow you into your room,

I did so and the dogs too;
feeling us strongly; looking at me
and at you and back at me and at you until
they left us alone…

Looking at me in the eyes
saying things I already felt inside,
adding stuff I didn’t know,
you took me by surprise…

Thinking I was not ‘seeing’ you,
you would test and ‘try out’ our friendship until
you felt I ‘saw’ you right out; but I did ‘see’ you
all along I simply didn’t follow you in your pond.

I heard what you were saying
and although I was prepared
I felt deeply hurt…the synergy
backfired at me right there…

Because of all we went through you and I
I couldn’t believe when I saw
a distorted mirror tossing back
broken pieces of ourselves to both of us.

there are no winners or losers,
in any relationships
Will it be a solid friendship from now on?
Will it be the end of an unbalanced one?


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