Out of the Corporate Lifestyle

Having a drink with Michelle: ‘This is on me’, Luna said.
She went to pay and the Lebanese woman asked:
£3.80; Luna gave her a £ 20 note…

The Lebanese woman gave her back a five and
lots of coins in 1 and 2 pence… and a few 20s
‘Oh no! I don’t want that…!’ Luna said.
‘Okay!’ The woman said taking all the change back.

‘But I need my change…’ Luna remarked and Michelle said:
‘We could buy the yearly subscription here,’
‘No, why?’ Luna asked… while the Lebanese woman
added: ‘We offer also tai chi, judo…’

‘No!’ Luna said… ‘I just want my change…’ Michelle didn’t
seem to understand, other men around the counter offered
something too.

Luna reflected: ‘I was so protected when I was working
for a big company… now look at the mess…!’
She knew without a job all would be very complicated…


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