In a chalet in the woodlands Luna ordered a drink, the girl at the bar was friendly and gave her the local beverage, it was very…… strong … a berry distillation of old traditions:

Afterwards she went outside and saw a large open cinema, she went all the way inside to the main auditorium where she sat waiting for the performance…it was a film:

‘Awareness – Infinite Possibilities’ (A dream)

Suddenly she became aware of being somewhere higher there she was, right now…and then…she was aware of the passing of time …no end!

In her field of vision… nothing and all …awareness of the ‘way’… change of attitude and perception the only way …The key to different feelings, allowing other states of being; she could choose, she could choose … to be the winner or the loser… and a voice said:

‘In the inner play the dichotomy is always inside; there is no need to be happy all the time, if we allow sadness too, awareness will show us how to see through!’

Wanting to see more on the stage she pulled the curtains: looking behind she stepped into space-time … It was ‘the trees festival’, but why was it dark…?

She was young and running fast, the smell of the moss all around her, her feet cracking gently on the frozen pine
needles… running, running through darkness… she found her tree, she picked up a stick from the soil and touched one of its branches and to her amazement, the tree entwined her arm;

At first it was an impression, she took her arm away and placed it again inside and again the tree gently held her arm, showing her the thin green long leaves and the barren sticks.

She realized the left side was green…and the right side was barren. Luna struggled a little, but managed to take her right arm away…. there were no scratches.

She walked backwards on the woodland soil covered in pine needles; she walked towards the water and sat along the river and on the water she placed the stick and watched it go…

It was her ‘thousand year old’ question, why? The answer came along the river and on the water…along the river Thames then… along any river since then ….

She didn’t remember the beginning and the end she never saw as the snow kept falling covering everything slowly, the antenna reception too…missing the film’s end… An early life experience had her in its spell…Yet very deep inside so unclear a vision remained…

On a winter solstice night the vision changed: seeing the infinite possibilities offered by life…wondering if life’s experiences were set by chance…???

Watching the river at night she felt she could choose any direction she wanted, any way or trail; and that was just as scary as having no choice at all…and the voice said:

‘The midday sun is far away from the deep night… much wider to a child seems the fabric of times and in that space as children we can travel effortlessly’

‘As adults we can close our eyes and imagine the midday sun on the other side shining brightly through the opposite season of our paradigm.’ – ‘Perception is the key. The dilemma is not life offering no possibilities, but the infinite possibilities not seen in life…’

Luna took a ride along the river in the moonlight and met an artist preparing her canvas, offering her an opening in various shades to play with, Luna was intrigued where to start:

It was nighttime, looking up at the sky… appearing so clear… the full moon surrounded by three dotted lines, like a perspective … she was an artist and had great richness inside.

And the voice said: ‘A mandala appears at times of change.’

Outside fighting the elements she was not in control anymore, a great storm was gathering and she didn’t know where to go remembering the tree in its wisdom:

Showing leaves had gone from one side, not on the other; likewise there were more than two aspects of herself: one rigid and afraid, the others trying to let go and move on…and the voice said:

‘Hold on and don’t hold on to the images you received; the reveries you perceived were valid… you were no sleeping; look around and remember: you were not dreaming!’

Trying to come to term with what she perceived, whether that was another dream or simply a film; she was at the cinema, now she remembered and saw an image on the screen:

‘Look around, be aware and remember!’

Time to go now!
…and as if caught in a whirlwind maze, she danced the milestone dance out in the winds of change…


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