In Binary

Latest Blue1

She was watching the deep night Dolomia sky, when she
heard a huge bang; seeing everyone running around Luna ran
to the front door, but it was locked; she took a knife and forced
the lock, but it broke; staring now at the broken lock helplessly.

She went inside thru the window slept all night, then went
to Paris anyway, it had been snowing all day…
Luna walked along Paris in the snow wishing she had a
camera and her address book to call Luke …

She realized she was going away from the centre; she went
back and found her handbag on a stool she had left in the
square earlier, she could see the bag had been opened, but
all she needed was there… turning she saw her friend…

Together they went into a bar in the square where Luke was
singing, Luna waited until he finished, then he went to her
table and they talked for a long time into the night …
the wine was heavy and they were feeling very much alive.

In the morning they caught the train and returned to London
back to Fulham Road near the corner with the flower shop;
walking along they saw a nightclub, inside just the barman
looking at them, but Luna went outside to check the time.

Almost 11pm… she found some change and decided to
make a phone call to see where Luke had gone …
it was late, she had to work in the morning after all, oddly
the red phone box was without a door.

Luna went round and around it to check how she could
go inside, she needed to use the phone, when she found
no entry door she went back to the nightclub: where a
man at the counter offered her something.

She ignored him and went to the telephone booth, there
she dialled the number and was put through someone,
now she was communicating with a shaman, who was
giving her directions:

‘Put your finger in your left ear and take out a fly,
don’t worry what people may think!
Remember to follow the candleholder!’
So she did and a very small fly was on her finger.

On the stage a magician placed 3 small red roses on a piece
of cloth on a wall next to a normal size rose, at that point
Luna lost the fly… and went looking for it on the floor…
staring now at the candleholder with three red candles lit.

The small candle flames lit the entire room and looking
around she saw flames on the floor borders, it didn’t look
dangerous, but saw the room had changed somehow
looking thru the flames she saw the barman leaving a room.

The barman went looking for her and when he found her he
said: ‘I know all, I saw everything’; Luna noticed his right
eye was fake, the left one was real and concentrated on the
real eye saying: ‘I saw you too when you closed that door’.

He dismissed her and Luna walked along that corridor and
when she found the door, she went thru and started running,
running…along the narrow Venetian canals when suddenly
Jack appeared out of the blue.

Luna told him she didn’t want to see him and went back
into the room, looking out she saw him standing on a bridge.
Wondering if he jumped what would she do?
He did… She saw he simply let himself fall….

Falling, falling down and down… time slowed down too;
Luna ran outside and down the bridge’s stairs reaching the
bottom where he lay on the ground awkwardly;
an Englishman looked at him pathetically.

Luna let him know that the fall had broken Jack, to help
her try and move him to a more comfortable position;
the Englishman realizing this was serious went to help.
‘What have you done?’ she asked Jack…

Later when the police arrived Jack gave his hotel name and
room number: 1000001001; he was obviously back on form,
she got annoyed at the long and boring binary number and
patiently wrote 521 in her address book.

Jack stood up and walked away, she saw him leaving…
Jack …? Luna wanted to ask him something, but forgot,
he wanted to answer, but left instead. When she looked up
she saw Jack on the motorboat waving good-by!

He left… she saw him leaving… for now, because now
she knew where he was staying.
She knew she could reach him any time she wanted now.
Feeling a tiny step ahead…

Telling the police what happened that night wasn’t easy,
showing her book she had a paragraph for every day,
but then she thought:
‘what if more than one thing happens at the same time?’

Dismissing her thought she said: ‘it must have been 1:40’
then another thought appeared: ‘what if we can be in more
than one place at the same time?’ – dismissing that thought
too she told what happened in her view…

She was putting a lot of effort telling the details… when
Dina said: ‘Come on let’s go, it’s just another dream’ and
Luna saw herself in a previous life… being much more
alive than now… wearing trainers…happy with friends.

One of them was wearing a tunic, the ‘dark’ magician was
trying to wake her by showing her that in order to go back
she would need to tend to her own fire… reminding her to
develop a relationship with the wildish nature of ‘things’.

‘Luna! Come on… Let’s go… it’s time to celebrate!’…
and all of them including: the artist, the policeman,
the barman….went to the same party…opening a big bottle:
…. yeah! Let’s toast to the new season …


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