Friend of Mine…

Blue Necklace

I tried to tell you, but failed to find the right words

and the words you chose gave a different meaning
but when we lived the same paradigm we knew what
to say, were you real to me then?

Expecting and demanding, respecting and balancing…
then distancing when necessary… When you needed
someone to hold your hand, doubts were countless…
There were so many ways, which one did you choose?

The result was always open and when you lost my
precious book you bought me another as a present,
it wasn’t the same, but I had more pressing issues then …
and opened an old paradigm to give it a better end…

One day we were friends, the next we were strangers…at
times we didn’t even know how to talk … and when you
told me how you felt I knew you had been there before,
I offered you the bridge … but you chose to ignore it…

On the underground train you seemed kinder, but I must
have fallen asleep for I woke up on the train alone.
It was cold … I was shivering and struggling…
I was alone trying to open 4 doors to find the way out.

You left me there without waking me and went away by taxi,
I don’t know how I found my way out in that maze, but I
found no taxi… too many people were waiting for one… It
was beginning to rain, you really liked to play ping-pong then’

Walking down the high street you began acting very unfriendly
at the next corner I turned away and walked the opposite
direction; the road led to the entrance of a park, when I entered
the gate a light stroke me … I couldn’t see and yet I could see.

Someone was helping me: a tall, blue, handsome man;
at first my visual was monochrome and then I could slowly
perceive all colours again, but in a different way…
and you…became just a distant page.

Years later I saw someone standing reading a newspaper,
I touched the page and you put it down, there we talked
again…in a new way… you wore a bright wig and a shiny
top … I laughed and ordered a Jack Daniel’s on the rocks…

You lit your cigarette and ordered red wine;
we were back in Paris along the river Seine,
the warm breeze warmed our hearts
and I looked at you and you were not there…!

We separated in the cold wind to find inspiration
and that was the last time I mirrored your frustrations
I saw you, I recognized you and you walked the other way;
You saw me, you recognized me and I walked another way.

Near me I saw two Alsatian dogs I can’t remember where
yours was, but I opened a letter I was so impatient to read
the words ran in front of my eyes before I could comprehend
I turned the letter again and again until I saw a name:

Those beautiful roses were for me after all…

Time has passed and I remember our time together … I know
how much we both needed that experience within the realm
of our existence, we shared much, had lots to do…
and disappearance was included too….

It was not just quicksand our time together I promise you…




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