At the airport

At the airport trying to use her Alitalia ticket, which was valid one more week only; while

queuing Luna lost her bag and then found it, decided not to go, then to go… and then she was in Rome, hiking up a hill. She saw a woman walking towards the edge of a cliff, behind her a man who suddenly pushed her, the woman lost her balance and although she tried to fly, in the end she fell… and the man walked away. This so upset Luna, she was in Rome for a change of scenery and was presented with a strange inner setting.  She waited and waited, moving slightly to find her way when she got lost and backtracked once again. Then went to the upper floors of a beautiful house, where on the stairs she could hear people’s voices holding on the green stair holder, she heard something deep and strange … nothing was secret there. Outside she saw people leaving having heard all they needed to know; she didn’t mix with them, but they knew her… one in particular knew she was waiting and said: ‘…pity with all these people around waiting for just one idiot to come back…’. That she couldn’t avoid hearing, she went one floor below passing through a study she noticed a man reading an Italian paper; she almost went over to chat, but then decided against it and went to the hallway thinking: ‘We have choices and yet we may feel we don’t…’ An idea popped up now she knew where she had to go to, she would need to take a good look at her astrological chart to go back to that moment in time; to the imprint of her life. Now on the train she realized it was going north like a magnet, going to the junction where it would be serviced by a new line renamed ‘progressive’, which was already running parallel to hers; looking empty apart from highly defined interchanges. Along the tracks she tried to ignore it, but it made no difference whether she used the knowledge or not it was just another tool. Soon after a man got on, looking very nice, sitting beside her he invited her to a party as he was very happy to have met her. He didn’t mention his name, just sat there with her on the train; he got off after just one stop… she followed him with her eyes, smiling… and jumped on the night bus and went home after such a long, long ride.


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