Epistemic Access


Luna was sitting on a bench directly on the runway of an old airport; she was chatting to a woman while waiting for the airplane; at some point the memory of a dream surfaced:

A young Dalia wearing a lovely spring dress, long and sleeveless with flowers all over it, looking beautiful… and Luna said to Aural: ‘Isn’t that rather springy for March in Dolomia…?’

Coming out of her reverie, she noticed a very old aircraft parked nearby; soon a flight attendant stood near the airstairs, smoking… ; whaw Luna considered it was an odd thing to do, but there she was standing in front of the airstairs …waiting…

Luna kept chatting to a woman; when another aircraft landed with ‘London’ written on its wings.
Passengers were soon called to queue their way to the airplane; and the woman Luna was talking to,  went queuing as well…

Wondering where her airplane could be, seeing only the old aircraft still there and the flight attendant looking around… once she looked at Luna, maybe twice; then one last look and walked up the airstairs …

She was about to shut the doors when Luna saw a writing on the old door, it was: ‘epistemic access ’…in no time Luna picked up her mobile phone and ran to the airstairs: ‘Excuse me, is this flight going to London?’

Showing the flight number to the flight attendant, she heard: ‘Yes, you are with us.’ The flight attendant led her inside, but stopped midway to wash her hands and Luna got stuck in the washroom, where in the small oval mirror, she saw her lost image…

Wondering if the epistemic access was to the past or to the future, she managed to exit the washroom and tried to find a seat; but the aircraft took off before she could choose any seat, and just in time she sat somewhere.

She could see the view from the cockpit from where she sat; the airplane stopped at Shannon airport to let people on, they were all airline people – all stand-bys … A woman sat near Luna, and they looked at each other:

‘Have we met before…remind me, my name is Luna…’ offering her hand… ‘and yours?’
‘Oh yes…Luna… ’ and the woman started telling her about Hawaii, how beautiful it was and how she was preparing to go there.

Luna wished she could go too, but she was embedded in a spider web… she was trying to free herself from it… it was a vertical one, like strings some quite thick, some less so, but all colourless like the fog, segments of it..

And a voice said: ‘We are all mirrors of each other. the people we dislike are aspects of us we don’t want to deal with; the people we like are aspects we are familiar with and accept. People reflect back to us our own inner play so do we to people. Learn to accept… learn to grow up… Lean to learn…’

‘Energy constantly shifts and we are energy! We are rays of light who sometimes mistake a funfair for real life; except that in a funfair the hall of mirrors show reflections of ourselves surprisingly misshapen…’

‘Optical illusions are highly deceiving… they don’t show us what’s really there, only the image of what we perceive.’

On that aircraft she was on a special ride, she fell into a deep sleep where she lay down on a beach and saw a man appearing next to the sea, he looked up and asked:

‘Why do we live this mortal life … why are we thrown here and then are separated from the people we love at various stages in our lives…? How long is this cycle going to go on… for how long?…’

…and an answer came: ‘Until we learn…!’

So my life… your life… our lives until we learn… and dreams are here to help us… a great tool, a portal allowing us through, a connection to consciousness.

Her time had come to follow a prophet, she went to the middle of the church, but couldn’t find the passage,
she went via a side door, but came out immediately sensing that was not the right entrance.

Now talking on the phone to Morgan who was telling her a secret code to open the main door… and so there she was… trying …. trying the code…and the airplane landed… where she needed to be.


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