Revelation from Within

Seven Seas

You knew all along I was special…
You recognized in me your treasure.
Afraid maybe I do not know …
You tried to stop me from going too far.

Yet visions in the nights nourished me still,
that something special kept alive my will
a tiny light kept shining through me at times
in visions, in dreams and in life winds…

So I asked for help and began my quest.
You looked for the rifle again,
but it was rusty with no bullets inside
and I was older and far from your ride.

I asked you time and again to tell me the truth
but you dismissed it, forgetting it too…
I had a large hole inside I needed to fill
I started my quest and progress I will.

I’ve been trying forever to find out… and now
let me tell you my story; hear it with an open heart…
You need to see the light and let it pass by
like the sun on the white snow under the blue sky…


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