Out of this Numbness


This energy I feel inside

dangerously beautiful
like the sound of the sirens
seducing me to come to you.

This energy that awakens in me
so powerful and unclear
infiltrating into me
stealing my ability, manipulating me I know.

An entrapment’s web pulling me
I could let myself go
tempting … tempting, so tempting….
but I am older now and I remember.

I fell over twice before
maybe more without recall
and now I won’t be taken over easily
try I will to shake this numbness off.

And remember how to deal with
this beautiful energy I feel
for I know it has to flow out of me
to be freed somehow…

I will dance my way around it
freeing my body in a sensual
endless spiral dance, reaching
other levels inward spiralling out.

There are many ways
and you need to find yours
for that depends on you and you alone
but out of this numbness we must go.

To move along the path of long ago
where we can be proud of being out and drive
in the cold and in the dark…
searching and finding new ways to be alive!



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