The Snowball

The Snowball
Snowballing down enjoying speeding down
Inevitably meeting its fate and melting away

Sliding dangerously close to the edge
Facing their limits; slowly fading away
Leaving them hanging so close to the verge
Engulfed by a misty, foggy, empty urge…

Facing another challenge in their lives…
When even the present became a distant recall
Sensing how close they were to losing control
Something woke up waving the spiral bell toll…

How inviting, how easy and how tempting,
but choosing a step backwards instead…
Brushing away their need to prove,
Returning to the edge helping improve.

Slowly awareness awoke in the night
Showing her life had been wrong and right
But in her powerless state to shake it off
The small mark had now grown into a wall…

Realizing as people we cannot handle a lot
Alertness of too much going on and more
We are the unveiling pioneers after all
of our human nature to learn more and more…

Removing the façade of our own construction
We’ll begin to see more destruction
Whatever can be watched from everywhere
We’ll try to tie all and launch it somewhere…

It’s insane to see madness taking over so
Like a snowball inadvertently triggered
Sliding down getting bigger and bigger
Collecting more mess while rolling down faster…

Our sense of perception distorting slowly
Unable to concentrate just following…
Information gathering pace all around
Insanely challenging us to just chill out.

‘How did that happen? I worked so hard for years
I thought I learned… it all seemed so clear…
I must have slipped off that speedy train somewhere,
When and where did I add another layer to my years?’

Right inside her own contradictions
Showing the way from that constriction
Was a tiny certainty lighting the way
Struggling again to return to form again…

With the years flowing faster and further away
With that tiny certainty of light deep inside…
Dissolving the pain of keeping the illusion
Recalling a tiny light helping her in past disillusions…

Feeling like splitting into two once more
Dissociating easier from one or the other
Recognizing faster the need to cope
Before entering a spiral without hope…

Beyond her own recognition
Facing nothing but unending choices
Yet peripheral vision of inner chances
Offering a word, a dream, a vision of substance.

With this in mind getting up once more
Feeling nothing of past misplaced tales
For life takes us higher and lower and more…
in a senseless equation devoid of measure…

Yet the learning never ends as long as we try
Our imagination, our dreams, our visions
Will guide us forever to envision
Our talent, our gift, our duty for living…

The snowball will roll down gathering pace
Getting bigger and messier throughout the way
But faced by the spring natural sun rays
It will melt and dissolve all the way…

Leaving fresh water for all to drink
Nourishing the woodlands all the way within
Inspiring our vision and our dreams
Knowing at last that the lower we fall:

The higher we’ll go for we deserve it all.

CopyrightPublished 2010

Image by VisualAtelier


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