The Jar of Dionysus

Latest Blue1
‘Even the simplest of things could appear complicated…
constant struggle to just go from a to b and in the end
I just wanted to open the jar of Dionysus and let the
ancestral poison go … away…for good.

I was carrying 3 keys, but only one would open the jar,
I didn’t know which one, I would have to try very hard.
As I went near I saw there was already a key inside
the lock I just had to turn it clockwise…

As I opened the lid in the observer position I saw a ‘me’
amongst other women; but around us there were bodies
and people lying down; it was a slavery camp, the
women were all wearing torn vests like in old times.

Some folks had displeased the rulers and had been killed
and thrown down a precipice. I was a woman but I was
also an observer, I looked up just in time to see more
corpses falling over and I just managed to jump and ran.

The observer said: ‘Go quick!’ and then I saw
some women had been beheaded… but there was no
blood; amongst them I saw the body of a woman still
in her green evening dress.

I climbed up the mud and the rocks remembering
I was living the scene on repeat and would fall down
again if I didn’t hold on to the right rocks.
This time I managed with awareness by my side.’


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