The Quest


She had to move into a sort of basement temporarily she

had a radio and a bed…
Aural and Luna were saying goodbye, Aural was leaving.
She walked away, Luna shouted her name, wanting to
say ‘good bye’ again: ‘Aural?’

A car passed by: ‘Aural?’
She did not hear…: ‘Aural..?’
She continued to walk towards the station, Luna ran
after her … ‘Aural’… and she turned… and quite ethereally
smiled at her: ‘good bye…’
Aural looked so beautiful, she was leaving Luna…

Luna walked away from the station… crying… back to her
room, inside such a squalid room, it was only temporarily,
yes but it looked even damper and smaller than before…

She turned the music off.

Now she was really in it…

…and yet a thought … a memory…a realization:

‘It’ is sensational you know, like the ‘Bouquet’ of Chagall.



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