Quantum 3

Latest Blue1
Luna went to spend the night at Oscar’s, her friend. When

 she awoke it was already 11:50; she had an appointment at
11:30 to see an exhibition with Deborah, she’d never make it.
She checked the time again, now it was: 11am: ‘how weird!’

She washed her face outside in the sunlight and Oscar said:
‘all the impurities have gone now…’
she ignored him… and dialled Deborah’s number:
‘Leave your name!’
‘Who am I?’ she wondered

The tone bibbed… someone picked up the phone,
‘Deborah? but what time is it?’
‘10:10’ she said…
‘oh, well…’Luna said ‘I won’t make it.’

The woman with her (another Deborah) said:
‘why don’t we go to her place and have tea?’
‘No!’ Luna replied.
‘with time going backwards… how to find you .. ?’

Maybe she was in that area of infinite possibilities…
recalling Avyanna’s words:
‘Stay open to the mystery of life … your perception
of life controls the paradigm you are in.’


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