An Impossible Task


‘Looking around I saw Arabian columns looking stunning…
the Arab men nearby agreed so did the Japanese tourists,
but you didn’t show you cared, you simply disappeared…

In the elevator without knowing if going up or down… I
mentioned of taking a turn, you looked sad, but you really
didn’t mind; you simply dropped out without a buzz…

But tell me how long to wait for you to call; I didn’t know
then, but I do now who you were in that café that day,
a hologram in my head, a diversion in the making.

We were dancers with full make up on taking a nap before
the performance… and waking up all a mess, trying to put
our hair back in place for the show.

Outside in a park, near a large open stadium, I could see a
large hole on the grass and I decided to sit around its frame
where I saw a battlefield going on, energy was strong;

Progressing like this neither of us will achieve anything;
we are guiding our lives, we need to lead our dreams too….
Even though it seems strange, it’s not an impossible task
together we could achieve much…’


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