The Melody


The tube station was closed, she diverted into the
subway, which looked very pretty and inviting, but
Luna got confused… and asked directions to a
young boy who gave her one instruction:

‘Go straight up and turn right into the Westway!’
She thanked him and left…on her way up she saw
the road was crossed by rail tracks;  there was no
way to go straight across to reach the Westway.

Looking left and right to see where the station was…
she heard a noise … she looked again and a melody
captured her; and through sound following its way
reaching another dimension…along the Westway.

She reached a house where she was told not to walk
up or down; yet when she missed the elevator she
had no choice other than walking and went down
the wooden stairs….

At some point she was blocked by something strange
it was a small coffin, it was closed and she ignored it;
continuing a few steps down she saw another one,
this one was open and candles lit on the side.

Again she passed along …more steps down … where
she saw one more coffin, this time she stopped and
looked inside: it was full of words scattered around;
Luna didn’t say anything and walked down.

When she reached the lobby, she heard voices talking;
trying to understand what they were saying, but only
got a few words here and there rather inconsistent except
for one, she could understand it was: ‘Psychosynthesis’ .

Smiling to herself she knew she was in the land of the
lost words… Looking outside she saw a chimpanzee
running havoc, she dialled 999 and the operator said:
‘With all that’s happening in the city, that’s nothing!’.

It was useless; after all she was in the land of ‘lost words’
she needed to find another way, but the chimp found a
wooden bar and broke down the glass door going in;
Luna ran fast until she heard a strange sound…

Following the sound along the way it turned into the melody
once again … guiding her to the rail tracks and the subway.
Inside she saw a familiar horse in the distance crossing a river,
looking up for advise, she saw Saturn constructing a vision:

The vision was clear: a woman with beautiful dark hair in a
luscious ponytail, sitting looking beautiful holding a parcel,
inviting her to look inside; Luna recognized her, she was
her friend of past time, when she was naïve inside…

Considering that, Luna realized she had no time, she wanted
to say she would be back, but she wasn’t sure.
She had to follow her life…the melody was now a voice:

‘There is the reality we live and the one of the after life’
‘There is a way to ‘see’ and  ‘be seen’ by wearing around
the ankles, the wrists and the neck some fluorescent circles’

Maybe her friend had some in her parcel, but Luna was
already caught in a spiral of change and the melody
captured her …and through sound following that way…
reaching the old dimension again.


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