The Old Man in China Town


‘What are you looking for?’
‘Oh … at some magazines…’
‘Why… what are you looking for?’

It is Saturday afternoon, how come the shop
is empty…why only the two of them inside…

Going closer really looking at Luna who
reveals: ‘I’m studying tai chi and I’d like to learn …’

Getting harder and harder to speak…words soon dispersing
somewhere in the meaningless maze of languages…

‘…and you think you can find it here…in magazines?’
Pointing at the display
‘Yes… maybe…there are many writings I could learn from.
The ‘master’ writes about it…and he should know right?’

‘He doesn’t know!’
‘How do you know?’
‘Because if he knew he wouldn’t tell! He couldn’t tell,
because it is dangerous to tell.’
‘I could teach you…too, like others, but it is you only you
and the being inside you… that’s who will teach you!’
‘Listen to yourself and you will learn!’

‘Listen and you will find a sign inside you. Look inside…
‘kung fu’ find it’
‘With ‘iron shirt’?’
‘It depends! There are many roads, many paths!’
‘I’ve been studying for years…’
‘Have you learnt how to get there?’
‘ No!’
‘See? And I can tell you it is not in these books and
magazines either!!!’

‘Who will teach me…?’
‘You will! Ronin! You and yourself inside you’

Trust your instincts –

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