In the Dark We’ll Be All Right


Walking along Hana’s beach Luna saw someone filming:
she was not happy about it, but there was that large
camera directly pointing at her face… walking on the
beach. She was trying to ignore it…

There were young people enjoying themselves, some were
playing … some were swimming; and someone asked her if
she wanted to stay at his place…
wondering: ‘how long am I staying?’ … ah dream, dream…

She heard someone calling her: Delilah?
Now she was talking to her as she was at the beach too…
both of them wearing London’s clothes… and she said:
‘Those people seem nice, are you staying with them?’

So Luna looked at that man again and said to him:
‘yeah, now I will … I’ll accept your invitation.’
With the sun turning slightly reddish …  Maui…

Luna began  to dance…lifting her skirt, showing her pale,
long legs to the sun…the air… the sea… perhaps she could
stay a week… looking at her again…The birds singing …
in the morning… a huge ray of sunshine on her wall…

Awakening from that by the wind slamming against the
window, setting off the alarm… feeling so uneasy,
wishing not to be… wishing not to be there…
Back at the airport standing-by for the flight to London…

Beating her by a split second to the counter, a woman with
darker hair. Yet Luna was quicker still, handling in her
ticket first. The check-in agent looked at the other woman,
then at Luna, then looking at both of them said:

‘The flight is overbooked!’
‘Oh! But that’s ok! It’s okay, we’ll all be okay…
we’ll always be … okay…!
‘Is it okay to continue?’ ‘We’ll see…about that!’


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