Reaching the Ocean

Latest Blue

Awaken since dawn, deciding not to go or to go…

feeling nausea alternating with shots of adrenaline.
She knew deep within, she was battling her inner
enemies to reach her quest.

Once on the flight to the island she felt calm and
relaxed in spite of her mind games…
On arrival at the hotel, she felt strong and ready to
action. She called him.

Still dark on the island; it was just beginning to dawn
the wind was a relief… it was very hot.
He only stayed ½ hour; she told him how she felt…
outside it just rained and all seemed fresher…

Luna had another task to accomplish, she had something
she wished to return to a special place…
The driver took Luna to her special place; how lucky to
have met her as her driver; she asked nothing…

How she would have loved to stay in there longer,
it all seemed just a dream…
In the hot afternoon sun, running on the sand to reach
the ocean, to return a present…

On the airplane she sat next to a pleasant man,
he said he was a doctor in psychiatry…!
She told him briefly why she was there and where she
was going, she told him some other things too …

Then he told her he was leaving his profession: disillusionment
had left him hanging loose, the profession was being abused.
Unaware of what the man was saying, she failed to make the
connection, oh Parsifal … Parsifal another wasted occasion.

Crying on such a hot beautiful day wondering why Ken
wanted to make it up to her… and it didn’t matter now…
His phone call woke her up at 6, he asked for her London’s
phone number… while she just remembered a dream:

She was at the market, where Delilah goes often, wondering
if she’ll see her today as well…
Suddenly she appeared poorly dressed, Luna was surprised
to see her face showing so much age and pain.

A shawl was covering her head. Luna said something to her,
tears were close by… they ordered black coffee…
Luna kept spilling her coffee when she realized there was a
hole in the middle of the cup…

In the morning clear sun light, she took a taxi and went to
the airport and got her boarding pass.
On the flight back reflecting: the hardest part was taking the
decision, once began she only had to trust…

Running, running, running on the sand along the dunes
reaching the ocean…

And yet when she looked into his eyes it was as if she
belonged there…

A voice echoed: ‘Let your soul be your pilot…’

Feeling so much better…


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