The Mission

Latest Blue4
Luna was on a special mission as a man, but was totally

unprepared, at first she was with her team, but then she
was on her own in the enemy house without any
knowledge, she was just hoping not to be found out.

Except that she knew, chances were slim as she was
directly in front of someone whose eyes were closed,
Luna so hoped he didn’t open them, but there was
nothing she could do to stop him opening his eyes.

He did open his eyes and they looked at each other:
‘The reflection in your eyes showing me myself
looking back at me, because I’m so weird
I expected to see you, not me there…’

Feeling like a young child when found out about
something s/he shouldn’t have done, s/he pleaded
with him not to say anything and as s/he pleaded
she knew it wouldn’t mean anything.

Such intensity!!!

She was just wasting her time, but hope was strong.
He had called his officers and now she was so scared.
She felt like counting nothing…

‘The reflection in his eyes showing me myself
looking back at me… don’t understand …
I expected to see him, not me there…’

In front of the officers, this time she was observing,
watching the scene as if it were a movie, they were upset
with him, they couldn’t trust him anymore… standing in
the forest …waiting, thinking:

‘The reflection in their eyes showing me myself
looking back at me …but
I expected to see them, not me there…’


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