Luna went to see Zana whom she had not seen in a long
time; she drove along the main street and took the narrow
turning to get to her house;

by then Luna was riding a bicycle, passing by a graveyard
on the right side in the woods; remembering the short cut
and now using her bike as a stick to help her balance.

Noticing Zana’s bike parked along the path, Luna passed
over getting all muddy and continued all the way down,
down the path to her house.

Luna saw her coming out, waving at her, just about
doing her last jump… ‘Don’t!’ Zana said ‘I am coming
over’… but Luna already did it.

Zana’s house was surrounded by tables, a few people were
there already… no space left for the two friends; nowadays
people just went there to chat, offering whatever they could.

Luna wanted to embrace her, like they used to, but couldn’t
reach her … ‘it was an image I treasured for a long time…’
Tears welled up inside, at last crying her death after 10 years…

Walking in a nearby park, reaching a bench… feeling
exhausted… Seeing Elvyn arriving with a blanket …


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