The House in the Cave

A man who didn’t talk much, was helping Luna hiking up

a hill, although she had to make it on her own he was helping
her, guiding her where to put her hands and feet along the
border on the upward high hill.

At a low point she almost fell off and he caught her, without
talking much he showed her the way up and what to grab that
was already on the rock to help herself going up.

They had to cat walk on this border and it was not easy and
she mustn’t look down or around, just use her will to go up,
that was it. Her will was guiding her body in a way.

Suddenly the path ended and they entered a house, there
wasn’t a door just an opening, the end of the path led
straight into a house, a futuristic house.

‘Is this your house?’
It was so impressive, unusual made of unknown materials…
not of this day and age… but another time, a future time…?

She woke up not knowing which day
of the week it was…


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