The False Self

A New Dawn

‘You promised to call and … you didn’t,
you promised to arrive and …you seemed to forget,
you didn’t even call to tell me you wouldn’t make it.
Then you called to tell me how happy you were
and when you threw that sword at me:
I raised my arm and caught it by the blade:
‘No way!’ someone cried  and I had not even bled my hand.
Quickly I raised my arm and like a tiny knife
holding it properly I began to fight.
Then a man took my defence I looked it was you Nick,
not the one who ignored me, it was you the warrior…
You gently pushed me aside, it was a battle of men…
Watching: an image came to mind.
It was an image so small just the size of the space inside me,
I was at my flat, looking out of the window,
I noticed a crack near the wall, such a dispersion of heat;
but the window was a mirror showing me
something inside me wanting to come out.
As I touched it, the mirror fell into pieces…
I started to pick them up proceeding very slowly,
so slowly in fact that I left bits of the mirror glass there…
and everywhere… I couldn’t bother anymore…



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