Lovely to See You Again… Aurora

drawing 71297

It was that time of the night just before dawn, she was trying to find her way … with the wolves…

Have you just woken up or are you going to sleep?‘ Luna was entering a room… they met on the threshold!

She couldn’t believe it was him, he said: ‘We are older…!’ Everything she remembered about him was not there …

She needed to know where to focus, she felt so spread out everywhere… ‘Why talk about the past? Those were strange times…

Not saying anything new, trying not to measure everything based on feelings, because life is not like that…

Life is larger than one’s opinion but, could people change so much? what if she had changed or derailed… like some people of power?

From inside a voice reached her: ‘They don’t take you seriously, to them you seem like an image now, an image somewhere in Europe

And she said: ‘How to understand my choices if they never took any chances of looking into that mirror I’ve been holding up to them?

When people label experiences it only helps with the structure somehow, but you don’t really care what they say, because you know what you had.

Her beauty was striking, she was brushing her long, wavy, reddish hair in front of a mirror… Luna entered the room and sat on the divan… looking at her…

When she told her she looked beautiful, the woman calmly put her hair brush down and walked towards Luna looking at her deeply….

Luna was back in the renaissance painting and soon experienced sensations she hadn’t in a long time, feeling her power once again!

They walked through the woodlands, the magic of the pine needles on the frozen snow… the lake in the distance from above… the snow walks… high and high and down below.

So tired afterwards… insanely tired, her energy trapped. A long lost memory had her in its spell…
it was time to settle:

Here! You wait here as this is both the end and the beginning of the line …’ It turned out to be a magnificent night. The winds more alive than ever… at high altitude near the plateau

A dance in the sky … the aurora borealis …

Bringing tears to her eyes… ‘Sorry I didn’t say anything, I didn’t recognize you. Now I do!


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