The Teacher

Luna went to see a woman to ask her something; she was

carrying her yellow notepad, a newspaper, a magazine and
some ‘stamps’. Inside the room she saw a man at his desk.

Neither she looked at him nor did he look at her, but he was
very present. She placed her stuff on the table. The woman
was next to the window and Luna gave her the ‘stamps’;

The woman said that it was really clever the way she did it
and that’s when Luna looked and saw the figures on the
‘stamps’ resembling little mirrors.

Thanking her she picked up her notepad and the magazine,
but the notepad slipped, as she struggled to pick it up, the
magazine slipped, holding on to it she lost the notepad …

And it all became very difficult and tiring. She couldn’t
see properly and knew ‘energy’ was around playing with
her. She couldn’t see the man, but felt he was watching;
Luna said: ‘Help me please, some energy is blocking me’,

The woman kneeled down helping Luna with the notepad.
Luna asked: ‘Do you know someone who can ‘see’…?’
The woman said a few things in an arcane language
while shape-shifting into her power animal.

The shamanic transformation was awesome, then the
woman communicated with her.
Luna thanked her and left, it was time to go.

The teacher was very understanding
he gave her something she needed.
It was a pen.


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