The Old One

Pompeo Girolamo Batoni - Diana - detail - 1761
In a place, looking like Machu Picchu Luna met an old

woman who wanted to leave Luna her place,
she wanted to exchange places with her…
Luna helped her move to a different spot;

During the move she fell and hurt her nose…
The nose swelled and turned blue… Luna watched mesmerized
the ‘old one’ … the very old woman all wrinkled…
with her nose bleeding a blue substance…

and then she realized who she was: The ‘wise woman’…

The ‘wise old one’…

Luna awoke from the dream and went to the kitchen to
prepare some warm tea, at the kitchen window she saw an
old woman; Luna ignored her, but the old woman knocked
at her window, again Luna pretended not to see the old hag.

The ‘wise old one’ called her loud enough until Luna saw her
and for a moment she was captivated until ‘reason’ took
over, and again she pretended not to see her; but she saw that
the old woman saw her: ‘seeing’ her, really ‘seeing’ her.

Luna couldn’t leave her there outside her window; but what to
do … she looked so dirty, where could she put her? Luna looked
and looked at the old woman who looked so serene, her eyes
were half closed and blue but her eyelid were white, so white.

And the ‘old one’ said: ‘I thought you never saw me…’


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