We Need to Remember

Zeppelin 2_1

How far can you argue

confronting each other
until you realize that
nobody is right or wrong….

You need to open a door
let some air through
between the yin and the yang
step on the threshold of your intuition.

Cross over to the right side
open that door and allow
the flow to touch your heart
and touch someone else’s heart.

Follow the line
begin to question your actions
do not just react
choose to learn instead.

Until you start resonating
in awareness
connecting you to consciousness
vibrating at a higher level…

it’s interesting when they say:
‘we are already awake
we don’t need to ‘become’
we only need to remember.’

Sure these are only words
you need to experience ‘It’
for yourself…
Go on then….

 …and suddenly being aware of things…ordinary things …


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