Outside the Gym

‘When I see you looking at me everything else
becomes unimportant.
You are very present, we never really talk,
but I see you and I trust you.’

‘Now I am moving on, my adventure continues.
Now you are moving on, your adventure continues.
I wish you courage and strength for I feel your ride
is a hard one indeed.’

Luna was sitting on the bench outside the gym door,
it was there that time changed when a child said:
‘I will draw you on the black board’
She was right behind Luna
‘What is your name?’

Luna didn’t seem to be able to keep her eyes open,
it was so hard. She was back in the forests of Maui
the taro leaves were tall and powerful she mentioned
to the old master her studies of tai chi in London.

He listened with a silly smile, asking her the London
master’s name and when she told him his name he
kept his silly smile on… she was just about to turn
when she felt a sudden bolt in her solar plexus.

Something told her she had been attacked…
rationally she couldn’t believe it, what for?
She could hardly stand now, looking up she saw the
old master walking away… unforgiving:
‘What…?… he did it…?…what for?’

Since then she became more alert… somehow weary:
‘Nick, are you blindly following him without even
questioning any of his reasons?’

She knew he was stuck half way …
‘Please look at me, look!!!’
He simply pushed Luna away; and she felt helpless …

That was how tai chi fell asleep on the divan …


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