The Lady on the Bridge


Pt. 2 of the Equation

Near the dam of the Dolomia’s lake there was a man in a
dangerous position: ‘Will the current take you?’
the man replied: ‘No, I’m just cleaning the lake…’

Looking up she saw a man coming towards her on a horse…
Trotting along the bridge; looking down she saw the green
inviting lake, …what if… what … if she fell inside?

Crossing the horizontal dam’s bridge in wonder she saw
a lady coming towards her holding a box in her hands,
which she showed to Luna giving her a pouch;

Luna and the man dismounted the horse who galloped away.
She looked inside the pouch there were stones and other
artefacts. The man reminded her she had to tend to the fire…

Looking at the lake she recalled having been given something
earlier; that reunion had been planned, she was not where she
thought she was and through the fire she returned to the river Dee.

The fire was burning and the spices overpowering; shifting in
and out of trouble through the portal of her own struggle; known
voices awoke her, above the horizon they took her back.

On the threshold she saw the ‘organizer’ but he did not see her,
inside the pouch she saw three eggs, Luna placed them in the
river … one of the eggs caught fire and then the others….

Now looking at 3 sparkles of fire…in the nearby water…
Elvyn’s words echoing: When you start a voyage like this,
You don’t realise how far you need to go…

She went to see Elvyn, but it was freezing and she wasn’t well;
she was shivering; he took her through the long dark evening.
She was feeling exhausted by the crossing.

See The Equation


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