Erick was showing some amazing pieces of multimedia
and Luna said: ‘Oh Erick would like this a lot…’
‘What?’ her friend asked … but Luna didn’t repeat.
A few women were present and she couldn’t remember
what time it was …what year was she experiencing…

Was Erick dead or alive?
Blueman came up to visit her, but she was sleeping
dreaming Erick was showing her some amazing pieces
of multimedia.

The ‘dark’ magician tried to wake her by showing her
the specific force she must learn to restrain; he was
showing her that in order to do that she ought to tend
to her own fire… she ought to develop a relationship
with the wildish nature of ‘things’.

Essentially she ought to go deep into her darkness…but
stay alert and not be trapped on her way there and back.
Luna woke up feeling ready for the task… and decided
to take a walk in Wimbledon park;

On her way she met a friend, they walked and chatted
when they got near a puddle, they began crossing,
but it became increasingly wider… while he quickly
got to the edge, Luna got swamped in it…

While going under she tried to call for help, but it was
now a river and she couldn’t speak loud enough; taken
along by the river… dreaming of the day when she would
see everything clear before falling into the deep end.

Struggling she managed to get out and sat beside him,
but he was unreachable… he moved away from her…
She waited for a while and then she went to the edge
where he sat and together they jumped into the dark,
tumultuous waters shouting: ‘Belovodia…!’


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