The Key

Unfaithful Underwoods

‘If life is mysterious,
what are dreams?

They don’t reveal their meaning easily!’

HOW to discern our own dreams is KEY
for I believe them to be A PORTAL
for understanding about ourselves.

There is NO FIXED interpretation,
because we are all UNIQUE
and WE ARE the only ones
who know the layers of our own SELF…

therefore a SYMBOL in a dream
can mean something to me
and something else to you,
and something else to someone else.

to unravel the language
our own dreams.

As quoted already: DREAMS are easier to understand when the whole dream-picture is viewed, meaning that it may take more than one dream to grasp what the ‘unconscious’ is trying to show us.




  1. Perhaps dreams are for the unconscious to work with and are to keep the conscious safe and sane and ignorant of the meaning of those dreams.


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