Binaural Beats To The Sky

She was trying to find a back up connection to her new
relationship, which was already in danger of dissolving and
went to a cinema to listen to music, mainly binaural beats:

when the rhythm changed tears began to fall and people
began to leave, the performance ended and Luna found
herself at the wood factory…down at the end of the road.

It was large, spacious and deserted; where people just took
while others remained oblivious; there planet Earth moved away
from the sun. All of them, at the wood factory, had lost out.

The rhythm changed again and tears began to dry, Luna
went into the backyard; a summer night vision of stars…
in the clear warm air in the summer night sky;

Looking up one celestial body was brighter, Venus. Shifting
through several layers of consciousness, along the two-star
to reach him … they had met long before, they were close…

She had been called on an expedition to Earth, on her own; he
promised they would meet again, he promised her he would
find her. She left and landed in the middle of a courtyard.

It was an Italian courtyard surrounded by stylish buildings.
Four directions were clearly drawn leading to the 4 angles.
She sat in a chair in the middle: a guide came to her…

Asking her to choose one of the directions, Luna chose the
West. They walked towards the west door, they opened it…
inside there was another courtyard, full of people… living…

The exhilarating noise of past times, of people chatting and
battling … she was scared… was he there? … Where?
Awareness: ‘She would have to survive her own battles!’

‘To find the willingness to love again, only then she would
find him once more!’ She was asked if she would like to take
a symbol with her, she chose a sword and accepted it.

She thanked her guide; they walked backwards, closed the
door behind them, reaching the chair in the middle of the
courtyard, shifting back slowly into the backyard…

There, under the night sky she just had a summer night vision,
lots of stars in the night sky, the air was still clean and warm,
looking up one celestial body was brighter, Venus…


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