Through the Summer Solstice

Luna was hanging Ivan’s painting: ‘The Unconscious’
when some guy forced his way in, slamming her against
the wall; he was the blue man, huge and strong, he kissed
her…she thought she had no escape… from her shadow…

Luna said: ‘I don’t go around crying my issues, sometimes
people react strangely to me…but I have needs too!’
showing him the ‘Water Fountain’ painting, which he
picked up and then…left through the summer solstice….

Luna took her bike, leaning backwards going up and up
the spiral steep road until the road became a
funfair ride, going up and up and suddenly turning steep
down … down and down, fast and faster…

Now running a triathlon … the arrival point was the main
piazza in her city, she was at her old school climbing …
near the ‘arrivals’, thinking she just had to go up and up
and then cross over and she could even win the race …

On she went, a woman behind her was getting closer, she
was good, she was very fit and Luna thought she might
overtake, but Luna kept going and thought of how she started
the race without a program and now she might even win it…

…and her head was full of stars…… and the universe…
when the telephone rang she came out of the spell and saw
again ‘The Unconscious’ painting… and felt very close to it,
a reflection in her heart:

‘do dreams follow reality or is reality shaped by dreams?’
and a voice said:
‘Dreams and reality shape each other.
All is energy and we cannot detach from energy.’


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