Walking Backwards

Bibelot 1
Delilah was late…still turning up late and Luna waiting

for her… near the park, looking lovely, a bit older with
nicer energy; they went for a drink and something to eat.

They had a long chat about things; then Luna crossed
Holland Park and a grey squirrel told her: ‘See… I had
all this around me as I grew up but failed to appreciate’.

Crossing the avenue she saw a girl knocking at doors
asking people something… nobody paid any attention
to her. The girl kept knocking at doors …

Luna asked her to tell her whatever she wanted to tell;
so the girl told Luna about her man who had gone to
America and she was missing him.

Luna told her that some time ago, while walking in
West London, not on the main streets, but around some
unusual places … and there were many in London,

she met two guys who were also thinking about going
away; one of them went to the Far East and the other
went to work as a scientist somewhere….

The girl was looking at Luna unimpressed, totally.
They had walked their way to the river where she
told Luna to sit down, that’s where Luna fell asleep.

When she woke up the girl had gone; looking around
her, Luna saw the pathway along the river and thought:
‘So I am here now…’

It was a late summer evening and she was walking
backwards; when she saw a pair of roller-blades she put
them on and rolled up all the way to the mountain pass.

One cyclist overtook her, but she kept on going up and
up until she got to the top and when she got to the top
she remembered why she often got upset:

‘Once you get to the top you can only
go down; the only way is down…’

Looking at the path going downhill …
‘Come on down now, we need to go as far down as
possible… let’s go…!’
From there she had a very broad view, sensing the
gravitational pull… dreaming of waterfalls …

Maybe sometimes we need to walk
backwards too…


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