Stellaris Duel

In the August full moon
Feeling attuned
The lunar eclipse ready to show
Luna waiting to see

She was asking him the key, but the one
he was offering was opening nowhere;
only his big black eyes
were penetrating deep inside.

Maybe she could learn and move on,
but his mask stayed on
although it shattered into pieces
the more she looked on…

Concentrating for she needed the key,
but there was no memory of it now
only a broken hole where words should be
an empty grey smoke coming out alone…

If only she could believe him,
in numbness it would be easier she knew,
but her shadow knew more and would start to screw
of that she was certain too!

Still she allowed herself
to be fooled once more
when he took her to Deeplake
telling her nothing was there, not even the lake.

The face was now an open mouth,
sucking her inside a vortex once again
looking around for help gasping for air
coming face to face with her biggest fear.

Stepping into that space once more
seeing the main road of all these years before…
walking along the path she knew
going to the deep end… looking at the view.

Luna moved around a little until
something caught her eye…
The beautiful green colour of the lake
showing a large clock pointing at 9:45.

Hearing a voice inside her own voice,
her bleeding heart opening now
the house shaking up
The winds blowing loud and strong.

A quick reality check showing her
She wasn’t there
Smiling and challenging him looking now so insecure
She placed him outside her circle for sure…

She would not fill her empty space
with lies anymore.
Relieved she looked and enjoyed the view;
went back above the horizon, now she knew.


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