The Shadow

Latest Blue4
On entering the venue Luna saw a girl with the most beautiful

red hair. She didn’t see her face, but her posture and manner
looked familiar.

There was a party on the lower floor, where artists would
perform and people would appear and disappear; each show
would gently phase into another and so on.

In one show a clown told Luna that Ivan had a son…! She felt
upset hearing that from a clown and went to dance with the son,
on a platform that moved amongst floors like an elevator.

The music bits varied according to the floor they were in, the
lower the floor the stronger the music…

When she heard a light sound, she turned and saw in a corner an
Indian artist playing the flute next to the red hair woman.
Luna went near and the artist told her: ‘Stay open to clues!’

The woman began moving in a surreal way, Luna followed her
up and outside; when she was about to leave, Luna held her arm
and gently turned her to see who she was.

Looking back at her was the most beautiful face, but amazingly
her features were still, except for her eyes, she didn’t look alive.
Surprisingly she said: ‘Look outside…’

Looking she saw a magician lighting up the trees with flames
as if they were light bulbs. Luna was enchanted… Soon after
the Indian artist explained they had to hurry out of there.

They all began to walk fast, when a child went to Luna
holding her hand tightly, it was getting dark and the flames
were getting larger and closer…

…that’s where they met!
… in that extraordinary glance
a promise, a secret, a realization…


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