Deeper Into Past

You knocked at the door
walked inside and
changed the energy around

In a snowy place you knocked at the door
in the late afternoon sun,
the fading sun light was magnificent.

I looked at you the same way
You smiled and sat talking to me
but something stopped you…

They were all parts of yourself
finding all sort of excuses
not to like me…

It was getting late,
the snow was freezing on the ground,
I had already walked a while, my feet were wet.

I wanted to talk, I felt I had to tell you something,
but no way… the others were interfering too much…
So I just looked at you

Then it all happened very quickly:
You stood up and left holding your car keys
Seeing I couldn’t stop you I decided to go back

I wanted so much to go too, but something stopped me…
I saw people coming out… oh I knew them… they
were all parts of myself finding excuses not to like you anymore…

So I acknowledged them all and then went all the way
up to the valley of the trees … where I met a woman
holding a walking stick.

The woman looked at me friendly and said:
‘I’m from 1938 and I remember more and more now.’
What a relief: memory will be present when needed.



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