I didn’t know it would be like this

But I knew it would be like this
So raw so tangible it seems
And I’m looking around

To see where you are and YOU…
You seem so well-defined in your measure of truth;
So defined that YOU don’t even realize
you don’t even SEE ME!

What kind of question would it be
able to delete those principle squared rules;
the ones you think you know and loudly repress so well,
and yet envelope you back each time in a hidden wide web.

Yet there is something in my heart mind
A feeling of balance in the wind…
because I know we are still going somewhere
It’s a vague memory, a distant feeling…

A promise we make each time
we look at one another, you know
when we run wildly and laugh: come on, come on…!
LET’S get ON the Wings of The Wind…


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