Reality Check


What is LIFE?

Is it a test.. a challenge?
LEARNING perhaps,
an exam or more than one?
A Battlefield?
Different meaning for different PEOPLE
is it an awakening or more than one?

We are born tabula-rasa
or maybe not
whatever the case
we cannot say much
slowly we unlearn what we know
while we get fed
an environment and conditioning…

and the lies…oh the LIES!

As we reach a certain age
we forget what we know
and learn more news
we ‘master’ a language or two
and we forget what TO SAY!

Yet DREAMS keep reminding us
Something we need to remember
SOMETHING we came HERE for.
Dreams can be
our portal to that ‘UNKNOWN’
if only we learn how
to REMEMBER them

What is LIFE?

I’m typing from a room
there’s SNOW on its way
and the temperature is dropping relentless.
This room I’m in
is beautiful and confortable
As I ignore the chilly surrounding,
something…reminds me
Something is spinning

The room is spinning!!!
Spinning with the planet
around the UNIVERSE
nothing stands still

Go and take a ride!


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