Tai Chi

Searching for the tiny road, she had been walking for a

while, it was dark her mind told her to be aware, she cared.
Uncertain, she thought that maybe it wasn’t meant to be

when on her way back she saw people entering a black door…
She went through it too, up a friendly spiral staircase, someone
indicated the sitting area, walking along the work-out quarter.

There skilfully performing the sword’s dance, what she saw
at that moment made her mind up…an instructor went to explain,
but Luna knew that was going to be her training place!

Recalling happier times, her feelings trembling,
she needed to shake out …
shift the energy around, without help this time …

walking around the lake searching for clues and shadows…
it was –14 that day… feeling a long way away; she could
cross the lake, but it would be pointless… it was frozen…



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