We Are the Ones

Davide by Donatello

Believe what you believe

But things may not be as clear as they seem
Push your boundaries a little more
Words and images are not real anymore…

Move outside the reach of
The capricornian attitude
If you don’t question explanations
There won’t be much left 2 understand in the near end.

We are the ones who have always been
We appear in trees, in clouds and within
Watch all news and check the oldest too
For the world order is nothing new.

Reading the latest all the time, being available day and night
Trying to be as cool as these winds of change
But you too edited your own dreams once
And the ones of your loved one.

Why don’t we broadband a vast reconnection
In a brand new Eastern subway
While the new world sets up
A uni-verse of dead poems, and fake art.

We are the ones who have always been
We shake you, we wake you, we show you the beat
Pick it up and show your peers how
You too woke up from a dreamless chaos…

Good luck to you and to me
Calm and politely I’ll spin my mobile out at you
But I see your pain seems almost enough
Carrying all those books on your face.

We’ll send you large attachments of wild trees
From all the forests that were stolen from us
We’ll spin around up there on the circus trapeze
While watching the web weave you away from us.

We are the ones who have always been
the shadows, the forgotten and the beams
showing you in circles your magic hidden treasure
moving you along the stages of your crazy nature.



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